Since 1973 Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington has successfully prepared thousands of students from all over the world to become Montessori teachers. Today MTP of WA is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and one of the largest training programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Student Testimonials

27 years ago, I attended MTP of Washington's summer intensive Montessori training for the 2.5 to 6-year-old. I never dreamed at that time that I would still be actively owning and working in my own school, Small World Montessori. I was fortunate that my supervising teacher was none other than Sharron herself! The experience and knowledge I gained while interning with Sharron and working for MTP were invaluable. It is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful organization and meaningful life work.

— Shelly P. 

I HIGHLY recommend the MTP teaching program. Not only do you learn about the fascinating history and philosophy of Montessori, but you learn how to give about 800+ lessons in the subjects of language, writing, math, history, geography, sensorial, practical life, music, faith, and art. It’s an AUTHENTIC Montessori program. Many programs claim to be a Montessori program when they aren’t or they claim to be Montessori inspired. Sharron's passion for sharing her knowledge and experience is infectious and exciting.

— Kimberly B.

The MTP program has influenced my life forever! Not only did I walk away as a certified Montessori teacher but have gained forever respect for children and how to create environments that nurture their development without undermining them. What makes graduating from MTP even better is both Sharron and Sharlet’s commitment to their student’s success that I have been able to come back to them for advice and coaching even after graduating and they never turned me away.

— Fatima A.