New Paradigm by Dr. Montessori (cont.)


In every culture and in every family, parents try to help their children to learn and grow. As this pattern becomes a habit, so it can interfere with the child’s natural development of choice-making. Parents may continue caring for their infant. Dr. Montessori found that the young child wants to master his environment and to “do it himself.” This is the cry of the human child. The Montessori teacher, moreover, is trained to assist young children in such a way that she can allow children to make their own choices, within limits. She provides many opportunities for children of all ages and developmental levels and allows the child to select the work he prefers. As the child chooses, his ability to choose well improves, and his self-confidence marches on in a natural progression. At home, allowing the children to select small things, such as deciding between two kinds of cereal for breakfast, or whether to brush his teeth or wash his face first, affirms his longing for adult trust. He wants his parents to have confidence in him, and he thrives when it is given to him.