Job Opening at Montessori Plus in Downtown Kent

Montessori Plus school is looking of a certified teacher or intern to work from 7:45am to 1:30pm ASAP.

Please inquire if you are interested.

Sharron Reece (206) 919-8141

Providers – Child Care Aware WA

Providers – Child Care Aware WA
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Welcome to Fall 2020 !

New and returning students will be meeting the instructors this Saturday August 22nd in Downtown Kent campus at appointed time.

Please make sure to bring face masks and disposable gloves for you and other’s safety.

Job Opportunity

Sunshine Montessori Assistant Teacher Job Opening
Sunshine Montessori is an in-home preschool and kindergarten serving the Bonney Lake/Sumner area.     11119 185th Ave E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
We are seeking a Montessori certified (or soon to be) part-time assistant teacher. Based on qualifications, an internship may be acceptable to complete your certifications.

If you are truly passionate about early childhood education and love being around small children, thiswould be a fulfilling and enjoyable position for you.

Contact Jennifer Kim (MTP administrator)  if you are interested .

Sensori Games

Below is a list of the Sensorial variations and memory games that MTP of WA is known for. These are special games that we have created, or that Dr. Billings saw when she took the MIA course in Italy in 1960.

* Knobbed Cylinders: 2, 3, or 4 cylinders together, with or without blindfold

* Knobless Cylinders: The fence

* Broad Stairs: With language and labels

* Red Rods: With language and labels

* Color Tablets:

Box 2, With labels;
1 set taken to a distant table for memory game
* Geometric Solids:

Finding the same shape in the room
Naming the shape inside the mystery bag
* Geometric Cabinet:

Naming tray #6 with 3 period lesson
Grading tray #2, from small to large (circles)
Memory Game with tray (insets at table, frame on rug)
Two; 2) Three, 3) Four, 4) Five; 5) Six
Matching inset to cards;
Two; 2) Three; 3) Four; 4) Five; 5) Six
* Matching Fabrics:

With blindfold; with labels
White fabrics
* Baric Tablets:

3sets together
With blindfold
* Thermic Tablets:

Environment Game
With labels
* Olfactory: With names of scents, with labels

* Gustatory: With names, with labels

* Sound Cylinders:

Matching extremes in both boxes
Grading one box
Grading two boxes
* Bells: Listening Game

Matching voice to bell
High and low game
Matching 6 brown bells at table with 6 white on the shelf
Grading 8 brown bells at at table with 8 white bells on the shelf.
Playing a major C song on the bells

Blossoming Hill Montessori School is looking for a certified Montessori Teacher

Blossoming Hill Montessori School is currently seeking to hire a full time Lead Early Childhood Montessori Teacher to step in to complete the school year (through June 2021) and beyond. BHM is offering in-person education to our children ages 2 ½ – 5 years in small cohort groups following local health guidelines. Our Early Childhood cohort will include no more than 12 children with a full time Montessori Certified guide and an assistant. There may be times throughout the year when remote learning will be necessary due to Covid-19.

BHM is a small private school located in Maple Valley, WA with a community of 60 children ages 2 ½ – 6th grade. We have two Early Childhood classrooms, a Kindergarten/First Grade class, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary.


· A minimum 4-year college degree

· An Early Childhood Montessori certification from a MACTE accredited program

· Excellent communication with children, families, and colleagues

Personal Qualities Desired:

· Caring & compassionate

· Joyful

· Creative & innovative

· Motivated & committed to Montessori

· Flexible

Job Specifics:

· Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with three additional hours of flexible time for classroom prep, record keeping, communications, etc.

· A cohort group of twelve students

· Autonomy of classroom setup, curriculum and classroom management while respecting each individual child, having a joyful classroom, and providing high quality Montessori.

· As part of our Covid-19 mitigation we have flexed our days of the week to be Monday – Thursday school and Fridays off. The school day is 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. with a half hour drop off and pickup time. We are spending additional time outdoors, we have made modifications to class size, modifications to procedures and modifications to our meal program, etc. in accordance with our regulatory agencies.

· Staff must be comfortable wearing a cloth face covering and face shield during in-class instruction and a face covering at all times while on campus in accordance


· Salary based on experience

· BHM offers medical, dental and vision insurance to our full-time staff

· Paid sick leave, personal time, paid breaks, and holidays

April Shiosaki
Blossoming Hill Montessori School Head of School
425-276-5649 school phone

Please visit our website or our Facebook Page at