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Reading a Book to Children Ages 2 1/2 to 6 Years

HOW TO DO IT IN A MONTESSORI SCHOOL I.  Research A.  Find a public library with a good children’s book section Search for books with realistic pictures and stories or information. Do not use Disney or cartoon books. Estimate what percentage of books in… Continue Reading “Reading a Book to Children Ages 2 1/2 to 6 Years”

Grace and Courtesy Lessons

Origin: Unknown, Edited by Sharlet McClurkin HOW TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE WHO IS BUSY “GAME” Materials:  Two teachers and a child Presentation: The demonstrator approaches the teacher and child, who are engaged in conversation or reading a book (not a lesson). The demonstrator stops… Continue Reading “Grace and Courtesy Lessons”

Art Appreciation in a Montessori Classroom

I.  Classroom Environment      A. Art of three types (portrait, still-life, landscape should be on the classroom walls.      B. Various styles of art should also be on the wall:  (impressionists, realists, abstracts, etc.)      C. A few small art cards should… Continue Reading “Art Appreciation in a Montessori Classroom”

Five Little Indians

You may use this activity if your doing a Thanksgiving or Indian theme! Five little Indians, In a teepee, Sleeping quietly As can be.   Along came the chief, And what do you think?  (Clap!) Up jumped the Indians, Quick as a wink!  … Continue Reading “Five Little Indians”