Reading a Book to Children Ages 2 1/2 to 6 Years

HOW TO DO IT IN A MONTESSORI SCHOOL I.  Research A.  Find a public library with a good children’s book section Search for books with realistic pictures and stories or information. Do not use Disney or cartoon books. Estimate what percentage of books in the children’s section meets Dr. Maria Montessori’s view of “fantasy” versusContinue reading “Reading a Book to Children Ages 2 1/2 to 6 Years”

Grace and Courtesy Lessons

Origin: Unknown, Edited by Sharlet McClurkin HOW TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE WHO IS BUSY “GAME” Materials:  Two teachers and a child Presentation: The demonstrator approaches the teacher and child, who are engaged in conversation or reading a book (not a lesson). The demonstrator stops at a respectful distance away from the other two people. TheContinue reading “Grace and Courtesy Lessons”

Art Appreciation in a Montessori Classroom

I.  Classroom Environment      A. Art of three types (portrait, still-life, landscape should be on the classroom walls.      B. Various styles of art should also be on the wall:  (impressionists, realists, abstracts, etc.)      C. A few small art cards should be in picture holders and should be placed around the room onContinue reading “Art Appreciation in a Montessori Classroom”