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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones: 26 white naugahyde (soft plastic) rectangles, 5” x 6”, with lower case red and blue letters painted on them in exact lettering as the sandpaper letters. At Circle: Put out about 6 letters in a row from the center of the “ellipse”… Continue Reading “Stepping Stones”

Montessori Language of Respect Seminar Available

 Who:  Sharlet J. McClurkin: Director of Montessori Plus School and Teacher Preparation of WA for thirty-six years. MACTE commissioner for three years. International trainer in China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and Sri Lanka; Current director and trainer for over seventy teachers-in-training in Kent, WA.… Continue Reading “Montessori Language of Respect Seminar Available”

About Alessandro Montessori

About Alessandro Montessori by Donald McClurkin I am Alessandro Montessori, the proud father of Maria Montessori. Born in Fararra, Italy in 18323, I lived a reserved, disciplined, patriotic life as an Italian soldier and, later, as an accountant in a salt and tobacco factory… Continue Reading “About Alessandro Montessori”

Montessori 101

What is Montessori Education? Montessori education is a natural way of learning for young children. Through the five senses, the child in his first six years absorbs his environment like a sponge. He teaches himself his native tongue (and often other languages), forms his… Continue Reading “Montessori 101”


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