Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Classroom Management- Myth about Montessori Teachers

3 thoughts on “Classroom Management- Myth about Montessori Teachers

  1. 1. Provide freedom and choice.
    2. Method of a good teacher. We are not prefect. Good teachers are clam, unflappable, always even tempered. They never lose their cool. Never show strong emotion.
    3. Teachers should be careful with their emotions.

  2. I’ve been able to connect the dots why we’ve experienced the moments during the lecture and material demonstrations. The teacher myths were the most interesting. Showing the true teacher self is invaluable. The traditional teaching techniques are designed to make teachers automated. I enjoyed watching how showing emotions would be okay in the classroom. It’s a hard to find quality in my opinion. Most likely teachers hide their emotions and move along with the flow. Unfortunately, children have no idea why the teacher is a little irritated and think they have done something wrong.

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