Montessori Accreditation


Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington’s onsite classes have been accredited for sixteen years by the Montessori Accreditation Council of Teacher Education (MACTE). This accreditation allowed MTP of WA the opportunity to apply to the US Department of Homeland Security to grant I-20s to qualified international students. MTP of WA grants nearly 100 I-20’s annually. Accreditation by MACTE has also allowed MTP of WA students to opt out of the required twenty Early Childhood hours required by the State of WA to be a MACTE classroom.

MTP of WA follows the guidelines given on the MACTE website for curriculum, staff, state licensing, hours of instruction and policies. The proliferation of non-accredited courses by individuals and community colleges, plus the popularity of non-accredited courses for sale on the internet, makes MACTE accreditation all the more important. Student teachers can be assured that an onsite course meets the 220 hour requirement and lists “competencies” which must be met for certification. Prospective Montessori teachers should be wary of non-accredited courses and parents should inquire with the directors of schools to see if their child’s teacher graduated from a MACTE-accredited course.