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Home Environment Labels (for ages 4-6)

We have made “home environment label” sheets for you to use as a fun game with your child.

You will need the following items: scotch tape, scissors, and these label sheets.

We suggest that you cut out 3 labels per day (every other day) and play this game with your child.

  1. Show one label.
  2. Read it to your child.
  3. Give it to him/her and ask her to tape it to that place in your home environment.
  4. Then say, “Can you find the door?” Where is the “window”? Could you take me to the “toilet”?
  5. Before going to bed, remove the three labels, mix them up, and ask the child to put them where they go. Do this same game again the second day with the same words, but instead remove the labels, mix them on the table and point to each one and ask, “What is this?”
  6. On the third day, cut out three more words and repeat the game.
  7. Review previous words, using the 3 step lessons as described above. Put them in a basket for the child to use at will.
  8. Have fun by exerting no pressure on your child. If he/she resists, fade off for a few days or weeks and try again!


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