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Online + Onsite Montessori Training

The MACTE accredited onsite course has been modified to a Hybrid Format during Covid-19 pandemic. 

This 100+ hour online Montessori training program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Montessori Education
  • Sensorial Education for Young Children
  • Practical Living Materials
  • Art the Montessori Way
  • Communication & Discipline
  • Montessori Language Materials
  • Music for Young Children
  • Montessori Math Materials
  • Cultural Materials:  Geography, History & Science

This course consists of three components

  • Online Lecture Component – Our website hosts series of pre-recorded lectures for students
  • Google Classroom Component – Students submit their assignments and presentations sheets and receive feedback and grades.
  • Onsite Practice Component – Students attend 2 hours of weekly onsite practice where instructors provide guidance and interactive learning.
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