The Author of the Articles

All the articles posted in this website are written by Sharlet McClurkin, a founder of Montessori Teacher Preparation of WA.

Geography lessons are ready online

I would like to invite all our current students to take part in our online class format.
Please go to EC (2 1/2 – 6 yrs) page from our website and select ‘Curriculum’ and find Geography lessons 101-106.
You will be writing presentation sheets and submit them to Google Classroom weekly.

Summer Academic Course 6/22-8/5/2020

MTP of WA will be offering summer intensive course to both resident and international students this summer.

The course will cover 270 hours of academic portion required for certification.  For those continuing/formerly enrolled students, please inquire administrator to get a permission to attend.   For those students who are eligible to start their internship in September but missed August and September lessons covering Practical Life and Sensorial, please get a permission from the directors to attend the first week of summer course.


Job Opportunity

Sunshine Montessori Assistant Teacher Job Opening
Sunshine Montessori is an in-home preschool and kindergarten serving the Bonney Lake/Sumner area.     11119 185th Ave E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
We are seeking a Montessori certified (or soon to be) part-time assistant teacher. Based on qualifications, an internship may be acceptable to complete your certifications.

If you are truly passionate about early childhood education and love being around small children, thiswould be a fulfilling and enjoyable position for you.

Contact Jennifer Kim (MTP administrator)  if you are interested .