Distance Hybrid Course

Online + Onsite Montessori Training Courses

Not holding accredited status with MACTE.

Full Montessori Teacher Preparation International (MTPI) certification for Level 2 1/2 to 6 Years

(MTPI is the progressive, distance-learning affiliate of Montessori Teacher Preparation of WA.)

This 100+ hour online Montessori training program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Montessori Education
  • Sensorial Education for Young Children
  • Practical Living Materials
  • Art the Montessori Way
  • Communication & Discipline
  • Montessori Language Materials
  • Music for Young Children
  • Montessori Math Materials
  • Cultural Materials:  Geography, History & Science

This course consists of three parts:

  • Phase I – online course (140 hours)
  • Phase II – 3-week onsite course (120 hours)
  • Phase III – practicum (720  hours)
  • Phase IV – certification

In Phase I you will:

  • Gain new concepts in education of young children through reading Dr. Montessori’s books, hearing discussions of her ideas, and writing your own thoughts regarding her philosophy of education.
  • Watch 100+ hours of learning materials being presented by a master teacher.  
  • Proceed at your own pace.

In Phase II you will: 

  • Prove competency with the materials by attending 3-week onsite course Kent, WA.
  • When your 34 written assignments and 10 albums have been completed, you may apply for your academic certificate from MTP.

In Phase III you will:

  • Work and learn under an experienced Category A certified Montessori teacher.  (A Category A teacher holds a B.A., a national Montessori teaching certificate and has one year’s teaching experience.)  Self-directed internships may be approved as well.
  • Complete a 10-month intern diary and internship.
  • Complete all of the requirements as outlined in the intern job description.

In Phase IV you will:

  • Application for full MTP certification.  Hybrid courses do not hold MACTE accredited status.
2 Year Hybrid Course Fees
Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) $ 100
Online Course $ 2,500
3-week Onsite Course $ 2,500
Internship Fee $ 600
Student Fee $ 200
Certification Fee $ 100
TOTAL $ 6,000
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