DVD Course

DVD Montessori Training Courses

Not holding accredited status with MACTE.

Montessori Teacher Preparation International (MTPI) offers four self-paced DVD courses so that you may learn how to use the Montessori Method from your own home.  (MTPI is the progressive, distance-learning affiliate of Montessori Teacher Preparation of WA.)

Seattle area residents must receive special permission to take the DVD course when on-site courses are operating. All assignments and requirements are identical to the on-site courses. Candidates for the elementary training program (DVD Level 6-9 years) must have a Bachelor’s Degree and certification as a Montessori teacher for Level 2 1/2 – 6 years.

After completion of the DVD courses and an internship, you may apply for MTPI certification. MTPI is the progressive, distance-learning affiliate of MTP of WA. All MTP of WA DVD courses do not hold MACTE accredited status.

For questions or comments e-mail us at adm@mtp-wa.org

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