Love of Order

Most of our society thinks of children as impulsive and chaotic beings. Dr. Maria Montessori found, however, that even the youngest children display a need for and a sense of order in their environment. The infant needs the constancy of his mother’s and father’s faces; the toddler must have his “blankee” and favorite stuffed animalsContinue reading “Love of Order”

Travel Diary: Taitung, Taiwan – Friday, 03/25/2011

4-8 am: Read Hebrews and prayed. Then, wrote notes for the 3-hour speech, “Global Montessori,” for sixty people who want to know the latest of Montessori around the world. Ate in the fabulous buffet mostly fruit since the eggs were cold. 9:15am: Went to Dandelion Kindergarten of Director Yu-Fan Liu, her husband, and son, Eric.Continue reading “Travel Diary: Taitung, Taiwan – Friday, 03/25/2011”

Work vs. Play

When you visit a Montessori classroom, you will probably hear the children say, “This is my work.” This concept is a foundational principle in Montessori education. I remember a new child’s words to his mother when she can back to pick him up:  “Guess what, Mom, we “work” here. We don’t “play”!  But how canContinue reading “Work vs. Play”

New Paradigm by Dr. Montessori (cont.)

7) ABSORBENT MIND: At the beginning of the 20th century, the human brain was still a mystery. No PET scanning machines were available to reveal the activity of the human brain, but Dr. Montessori saw “into” the child through the work the children used with their hands. With her remarkable intuition, almost a century aheadContinue reading “New Paradigm by Dr. Montessori (cont.)”

New Paradigm by Dr. Montessori (cont.)

6) MATERIALS: For Dr. Montessori, the classroom provided an environment for young children that is a growing, living place. It is a reflection of all that is in the world, with a special emphasis upon those things that interest the teacher and children. In her training, our Montessori teacher is challenged “to give the childContinue reading “New Paradigm by Dr. Montessori (cont.)”